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Help on the gate

Götseb is a (very) common, (very) unpleasant circumstance of Hungarian birth practice. Here's a little advice to heal faster.

The barrier is the area between the vaginal inlet and the terminal. The barrier incision is performed in the last anesthetic phase, before localization of the skull, in local anesthesia. It happens only to the skin, but mostly they also cut through the muscle. It is the fastest section of the midrib, which is cut over the midpoint, because it ends there in the fall. However, this option is less frequently chosen due to the risk of further cracking.Another question is whether it is really needed as often as we should! Research has long suggested that the risks associated with surgical incision (blood loss, pain, swelling, risk of infection, next-to-next frostbite) are far away. In addition, a crack that requires more sewing than an average section is rare. Even the most small, spontaneous cracks do not need to be sewn, they heal themselves. The timing of herniated incision is very different: there are people who stay awake a few days after childbirth, and they complain after many more years.

Look out!

- Two days after my baby was born, I swapped a little mirror from the room room to see what happened "downstairs," says three-month-old Jasmine. - The scar seemed huge, the seam was black, and as I realized, it felt as if the lace had closed eyes. very good blood donation area - he says Bottyбn Emese - it is so sensitive and stimulating the wound in the first few days, but it is due to this ability that the area can heal and regenerate quickly. The swelling will go away in a few days, slowly the blood rushes are absorbed as well. It can be a healthy, stressful sensation, which usually disappears as we remove the window. The absorbed circus disappears in just a few days, although many people still feel the small knot in the cassette knot for months after birth.Hint: Wrap ice in a clean cloth diaper and put it on the wound for 10-15 minutes. You can also add browning essential oil to the ice. It relieves pain, and the swelling also goes away faster. Many homeopathic remedies can help with healing, in fact, today, you can get a specially formulated essential oil. You can also use caraway oil, which is 100 percent pure.

Keep it clean!

During the next few days after birth, there are abundant bloody so-called lochia from the body, so often you have to change the urine as much as you want. - - You don't need soap for the first couple of days, and since even touching the wound can be painful, just if you just gently sprinkle it. Sprinkle dry with a soft cloth. It does good for the wound when it is ventilated. Without panties, lie down and put on the pad, or a slightly more comfortable solution in the pharmacy, disposable knickers that will hold the pad and ventilate properly. the wound gets inflamed. Hypermanganese is a very good disinfectant: wash it several times a day and use Betadin ointment, honeysuckle cream or black rub ointment that thousands of women swear. Use one to two weeks after giving birth to chamomile solution, because it dries. For a deep wound, I recommend the Rye Tea Tree oil blends. Although it is forbidden in several forums, you can buy a bath for 24 hours after birth. A little warm water with oil or herbal medicine can do very well! Here you can also share the gnomes and the oak tree.Hint: Since hospitals have a large number of bidets and it is difficult to shower after every peeing, get a pump intimate shower. Of course, you can't use it for vaginal flushing, but you can shower the buttock and the surrounding area lightly.

To live, to stop, to move

"This is probably the hardest thing, because the dam is constantly moving and something always gets in the way," Emese says. - Avoid all sudden moves, do not try alone on the first stand! Because of the barrier, you can't crawl on the bed, so gently lift the chin by clinging to the neck of your couple or baby, so remove the bed.

The first few days and weeks are not easy with dams

In the next few days, you will not decide on speed records. Lie as far as you can, and only move, get up when you absolutely need to. Your wound will heal quickly if you rest a lot. You do not have to breastfeed a little if you turn sideways, put a cushion under your head, put your baby on your side with your arms, gently and comfortably reach your breast, and you do not suffer.Hint: It may seem strange at first, but don't forget to take your gum with you. Wake up and if you have to sit down, sit down. This way, nothing is pushed underneath.

Big thing!

Until you have a pet, they won't let you out of the court. Given that you have to spend three or three days inside, this performance does not seem like a great adventure at first glance. But not with a stifler.- Many people, even when the stimulus comes, tend to sweat, but do not feel irritated, because they may feel sensation in the neck so that their wounds become instantaneous. "This may never happen, because the dyke's load capacity is huge, but it is true, the "big deal" is a very big deal. One more fruit, one rich in plant fiber, and worth a couple of spoonfuls of granny plum jam.Hint: If you are sitting on the toilet and you are coming in incessantly, what you should come to do is gently press your flap. The stool can go away anyway, but the barn is not stretched so much and the sting is less painful.

Intimate signs - gab and breast

- There are certain symptoms to look out for - we are born. - The area around the barrier may be swollen in the first few days, which is like feeling like a slack body. Possibly bleeding, which makes the wound area tight and hard. Whatever causes the swelling, it should go down in two to three days. If it takes longer, you should definitely see a doctor. The same should be done if the stitches are still burning or stinging, after the stitches have disappeared or become loose, the wounds are moist, look fleshy, and don't look better with age , you can go for a walk. But if the fever persists, it may indicate an infection.

A little gymnastics

Many people are worried about what will happen to the vagina, the butt after the baby. Fortunately, the barrier and sleeve are well regenerated. Thus, by the end of the baby the vaginal sensation is regaining its natural condition. Exercises can be found in intimate gymnastics books, they are not strenuous, gradual and do not cause pain - with the help of your muscles they regain their elasticity sooner, and this is not the last aspect of sex.Experience:Also read these:
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